Where Your Money Goes

Together with the RMSEL parent and broader community, PACK raised $117,086.02 of income during the 2014-2015 school year; this achievement exceeded the team’s budget target by 16.7% percent. An additional $10,000 was raised and dedicated to the adventure program. With these funds, PACK was able to:
  • Extend classroom grants to teachers. These grants supported the purchase of:
    • Ukuleles for music instruction
    • Binoculars for crew trips and learning expeditions
    • School telescope for science and crew travel
    • Professional training
    • RMSEL garden resources
    • Books
    • Many other awards that provide teachers access to additional funding to support instruction in their classrooms 
  • Support RMSEL's unique expeditionary learning model and adventure program:
    • Replaced worn out adventure whitewater rafts with new rafts and rigging
    • Helped fund the purchase of:
      • An adventure trailer
      • Bicycle roof rack (15 bike capacity)
      • Tents
      • Stoves
      • Kitchen equipment
      • Sleeping bag liners
  • Show support to RMSEL staff through annual teacher gifts and staff appreciation activities throughout the school year

PACK’s remaining profit was added to $150,000 of school based budget to complete RMSEL capital improvement projects, including:

  • Completion of funds for the RMSEL Auxiliary Field
  • Classroom improvement projects, (classroom sinks, cabinets, displays, storage, and lighting)
  • New exterior school furniture
  • Resurfacing the blacktop on the playground and basketball court
Click here to read the 2014-2015SY PACK annual report.