Notes from the Fox Den

Congratulations Spellers!
Every year, students in grades 3rd-8th participate in the RMSEL Spelling Bee. Top finishers move on to the District and City Spelling Bees, and potentially the State Bee. Below is a recap of the recent events. Be sure to congratulate our spellers when you see them!
RMSEL Spelling Bee
In case you missed the intense competition, Sophia Shon won the oral portion of the Bee in a face-off with Meredith Wheeler, going 14 rounds! Gaspar Pereira-Suarez came in third. In the written portion of the Bee, Sophia Shon, Jonathan Bierman, and Meredith Wheeler were the top three spellers, with 19, 18, and 17 out of 20 words correct, respectively. We want to also give a special shout-out to Addison Taylor, who placed first out of the three third graders in the Bee and tied for 15th place. Recognizing that third graders competed with 4th-8th graders, this is quite an accomplishment.
Below is a list of the top spellers who moved on to further competition:
1. Sophia Shon
2. Meredith Wheeler
3. Akaash Raghunath
4. Jonathan Bierman
5. Roman Bell
6. Ned Marshall
7. Gaspar Pereira-Suarez
8. Norah Schloegel
9. Grace Farr
10. Finn Gury
Alternate #1: Emma Krause
Alternate #2: Kael Boucharal
Alternate #3: Ava Knight
District Spelling Bee #1
Congratulations to Jonathan Bierman, who came in 4th at the Bee, spelling a variety of words including "phraseology", "eucalyptus", and "raclette" correctly. Additionally, Grace Farr placed 6th, Roman Bell placed 11th, and Norah Schloegel placed 12th. Students competed against 50 students from five schools.
District Spelling Bee #2
Congratulations to Sophia Shon who came in 3rd, spelling a variety of words, including "surfeit", "vaccinate", and "elasticity" correctly. Roman Bell placed 5th, spelling words such as "lugubrious" and "parquet" correctly. RMSEL's top five spellers came in 3rd, 5th, 12th, 14th, and 16th, and seven of RMSEL's spellers finished in the top 25 out of 45 spellers.
Congratulations to RMSEL's top spellers on a great showing at these early events. We wish them all well on the upcoming City Written Bee later this month!