Notes from the Fox Den

Elevating Student Learning

You’ve probably heard people talking about elevating student learning, and you may wonder what it means for your children. Overall, it means taking the act of learning and understanding to even higher levels and making it transparent for all to see.

There’s a lot to that statement, and an even greater amount of work required to achieve it. As I talk to crew leaders and administrators about what they need to be successful, I’m reminded that it takes a village. Nowhere is that more true than in a K-12 expeditionary learning school where the day-to-day needs are so similar, yet so different, throughout (and outside) the building.

I believe that as part of this amazing crew, we must bring together our individual passions and expertise to build a better and stronger community that can support this mission and vision. On behalf of the entire DAC team, I’d like to invite you to join us in this effort. We need you to:

  • Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with crew leaders and specialists and work with small groups in the classroom so that every student can dive deep and learn at his or her level. Do anything that's needed, such as supporting reading fluency, spelling, and math or working with students on science, geography, history, and media projects—in your child's crew or any other crew that can benefit from your help.
  • Lend your expertise to projects, serve as an expert, or connect our crew leaders to people you know in industry, science, government, and education who can offer another level of depth to the expedition topic being explored.
  • Participate in the portfolio and passage panel process. You'll learn more about RMSEL through this amazing process than you can imagine. In my view, it is the best way to understand what RMSEL is (and what it isn't) and gain insight into what lies ahead for your children as they grow and develop.
  • Chaperone fieldwork and crew trips, drive and clean buses, and ensure the fleet is always ready to go.
  • Join in the morning fitness program. Help time the crew and encourage them to keep running, jumping, and moving. Or get your daily workout in with us and be a fitness role model at school and at home.
  • Do the essential things that need doing in the classroom so that crew leaders never have to stop teaching: sharpening pencils, putting together weekly homework folders, straightening classroom libraries, cleaning surfaces, washing water bottles, and much more.
  • Cheer on our athletic teams, support the spelling bee and talent show, attend RMSEL events, and donate your time and energy to the cause.
  • Talk to your children. Engage with your students in the classroom and at the dinner table. Get involved with homework. Make sure they get enough sleep. Do whatever it takes to keep enthusiasm high and stress levels low.
  • Reach out to DAC and crew parents when you have questions or ideas to share.

There is no doubt that this is an exciting time at RMSEL. As we look to support our crew leaders and administrators in their unrelenting pursuit of excellence for our kids, we need your help. In the days and weeks to come, we'll reach out directly as well as through crew parents, crew leaders, staff, and administrators to ask for your assistance. Keep an eye out for emails with signups. Read your Google Classroom daily summaries. And watch this space for more information.

I am excited for this journey and I look forward to us working together as a strong and dedicated community.

Yours in service to our students,