Notes from the Fox Den

Elevating Learning Experiences

The walls of our school surround some of the most incredible conversations, activities, and plans. This week, we're highlighting some of the amazing work that often goes unnoticed.

Our high school students have begun the hard work of planning their internship and Senior Learning Experience (SLE) opportunities. For those unfamiliar with these terms, internships allow students to spend two weeks diving deep into an area of interest. Students spend their days outside the classroom so they can study, learn, experience, work, grow, and develop alongside professionals in the field. SLEs elevate the experience, allowing students to spend an entire month with experts, focusing on potential career paths to gain insight and experience that they can take with them on their educational and professional journeys as they graduate and move forward.
These opportunities are precious and the epitome of the core values of a RMSEL education. Connecting the interests of our high school students with high-quality organizations and experts in their chosen fields of interest is a challenging, and very rewarding, experience. We'd like to enlist your help. If you or someone you know has expertise or a connection to an expert in the following fields, please contact me ( or Marci Elder ( Experts can be near or far, as students are welcome and encouraged to travel the world to take part in these experiences.
We believe in six degrees of separation. You never know what gems you can uncover simply by asking around. Thank you for helping us create awesome adventures for all our kids!
Internal medicine or general surgery
Wilderness first responders
Parks and wildlife
Chef (small business)
Ski certification and avalanche safety
Criminology and forensic coroner
Paramedic / EMT
Veterinary science, medicine, or rescue
Renewable energy engineering
Sports medicine and physical therapy
Professional sports
Small business
Amusement ride design
Hair styling and cosmetology
Senior Learning Experiences (SLEs) 
Nursing (pediatrics or obstetrics)
Backpacking guide and effects of outdoors on humans
Nutrition for low-income families
Sustainable logging
Falconry and birds of prey
Medicine in space
Art (ceramics, pottery, glassblowing, art, and business)
Building instruments, woodworking 
Travel Journalism, understanding cultures of the world
Commercial fishing in Alaska
Woodworking and blacksmithing
Computer chip design