Notes from the Fox Den

Colorado Gives Day Success

Thank you to our RMSEL community! Yesterday, approximately 100 RMSEL families and friends made one-time or recurring donations through Colorado Gives, pledged money, or made direct donations to the school. Together, we raised nearly $42,000 for RMSEL. On top of that success, RMSEL will receive a portion of the Colorado Gives Incentive Fund to be distributed at the end of December.
We cannot thank you enough for your support. Every dollar raised goes directly to elevating student learning.
If you were unable to give yesterday but would like to support RMSEL, our Colorado Gives site  is now permanently open. You can give to RMSEL at any time throughout the year, or schedule donations on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
Moving forward, we're adding fundraising pages to our Colorado Gives site. Each page will focus on a specific program at RMSEL: adventure, crew fitness, high school science, art, and technology. Watch this page and read this blog each week to learn about these fundraising campaigns and how you can continue to help our amazing school.