Volunteer Opportunities

RMSEL relies on our wonderful volunteers to help create the unique educational and community experience that defines our school. Volunteering is a great way to get to know the families in your crew and in the greater community. We have many volunteer opportunities available so you can easily accrue your family’s 25+ hours of volunteering.
Ways to Volunteer
There are many ways that your family can get involved in your student’s school and educational experience, for example:
  • Volunteer to help at a DAC event
  • Support students and crew leaders in the classroom
  • Chaperone fieldwork and crew trips
  • Participate in passage panels
Connect with your student's crew leader to learn how you can best help support education at RMSEL. Click here to sign up for school-wide volunteer opportunities and DAC events.
Where to Log Your Volunteers Hours
If you have already volunteered, thank you! You can record your hours here. We suggest that you record your hours as you give them as it is difficult to accurately recall dates and times at the end of the school year.