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Financial Aid Forms
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Enrolled students may apply for financial aid.  The amount of financial aid available is limited, and is awarded in the order that completed applications, with the accompanying federal tax return, are received. The deadline for submitting a completed Financial Aid application is October 31st.

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Medical Forms
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***This form was substantially revised and streamlined in December 2021.  Please use this form beginning immediately; do not use saved versions of the form from previous school years.***

Medical History & Physical Exam Form (updated April 2022)

  • All RMSEL students are required to submit a new Medical History and Physical Exam Record each year during Registration in July.  This will cover the student for the school year.
  • Please take this form with you to your child's doctor appointment so that the physician may complete and sign the form.
  • Pages 1-2 are to be completed by the parent, with the remaining pages to be completed by the physician, including the physician's signature on page 5.
    • Note:  If your child has asthma or an epi-pen, or takes prescription medications, please be sure to sign the Parent Signature line on those portions of the form (pages following page 5).
  • Be proactive, don't wait until July to schedule your's child's appointment!  Being prepared ahead of time will greatly reduce your stress during Registration in July!
If you have questions regarding the Medical History & Physical Exam form, please call the office at 303-759-2076.

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Other Required Registration Forms
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Registration is for only those students who have already been enrolled at RMSEL for the 2022-2023 school year, and will take place in late July 2022.  Registration forms were substantially modified and streamlined for the 2022-2023 school year.  Many forms that were previously submitted in hard copy will now be submitted via electronic signature.  The following form is required for all students, and must be submitted in hard copy during Registration in July 2022: