Summer Letters & Supply Lists

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2020-2021 Summer Letters & Supply Lists
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Parents should have received an email in mid-June with summer information from your crew leader/teaching team.  Parents will receive additional information regarding crews and Registration later this summer.
You may click on the links below for summer information, supply list, and summer homework (if applicable).  If you have questions regarding any of the information provided, please contact the crew leader directly via email.
Kindergarten/1st Grade Crews - Rhemy Brezin & Avery Vogel
2nd/3rd Grade Crews - Madison Dryden & Emily Kern
4th/5th Grade Crews - Sam Brown & Leah Wesselman
6th Grade Crews - Erich Ball & Anne Spruill
7th/8th Grade Crews - Danielle Chandler, David Mancinelli, Nate Paul, & TBD
9th-12th Grade Crews - Eric Dinkel, Marshall Moore, & Ian Silberman