Enrollment Lottery Information

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The application for enrollment in the 2019-2020 school year is live on our website; click on the "Application" link to access the application software. The deadline for applications to be submitted for inclusion in the lottery is January 31, 2019, at midnight.  Applications submitted after the deadline will be added to the wait list on a first come, first served basis.
If you have previously applied through our lottery but do not remember your log in information, please DO NOT create a new parent account; it will not link with the previously existing account, and will not allow the student to be duplicated.  Instead, please call the RMSEL office at 303-759-2086 for assistance with your log in.
Notification of the lottery results will begin the week of February 11, 2019.  Please do not call the office regarding lottery results or wait list status.  Parents will be notified throughout the week of results, either by a phone call or by email.  Please check spam folders for emails if you think you have not been notified.  Thank you for your cooperation with this request.

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Because of the complexity of the Intergovernmental Agreement among the districts, and in order to have a fair lottery process, RMSEL has developed the following enrollment policy.
Initial enrollment at RMSEL shall be determined by a lottery process which is described in the Lottery Enrollment Administrative Procedure. Some applicants are given priority in the lottery. This policy describes the order of preference for the enrollment lottery.
The following categories are in order of priority:
I. Staff - children of staff members will be enrolled with first preference in accordance with grade and district availability.
  • If a staff member terminates their employment at RMSEL, their student(s) will be allowed to remain enrolled in accordance with the out-of-district policy (see VI below).
II. Sibling - applicants who have a sibling who is attending RMSEL and has been continuously enrolled from October 1st of the previous year will be enrolled with next preference in accordance with grade and district availability.
III. BOCES - children of RMSEL’s BOCES Directors will be enrolled having next preference in accordance with grade and district availability. 
IV. Alumni – children of a RMSEL graduate will be enrolled having next preference in accordance with grade and district availability
V. General - all other applicants will be enrolled having next preference in accordance with grade and district availability. 
  • A.   When a new family has more than one child in the lottery and one of the children has been accepted, the remaining sibling(s) will be given next preference in accordance with grade and district availability. 
VI. Out-of-District - these applicants will be enrolled only if there are no other applications on file for that grade level from any of the member districts. 
  • A.   Out-of-district students will be allowed to continue to be enrolled.

Grounds_for_Denial_of_Admission Card IconGrounds for Denial of AdmissionTop of Page

Subject to the school's responsibilities under the Exceptional Children's Educational Act and applicable federal, state and local laws, the following will constitute grounds for denial of admission to the school:

  • Failure to meet age requirement.
  • Having been expelled from any school district during the preceding twelve months.
  • Having engaged in behavior in another school during the preceding twelve months that is detrimental to the welfare or safety of other students or of school personnel.
  • An applicant who is not a resident of one of our five sponsoring districts, unless otherwise entitled to attend, is not eligible for the initial lottery.
  • Failure to comply with the immunization provisions. (Families who choose not to immunize their children must sign an immunization waiver.)
  • Falsification of application or failure to upload required application documents.
  • A determination by RMSEL's administration that the Expeditionary Learning model or the school's culture would not contribute to the applicant's success as a student or that the school is unable to meet the student's special needs. In this case, administration will advise the family of other options.

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Because RMSEL is an Expeditionary Learning school and our students do numerous off-campus trips and expeditions, each student is required to pay annual fieldwork fees and a transportation fee.  Annual fees per student for 2019-2020 are as follows:
  • Kindergarten - 5th Grades - $1013
  • 6th - 8th Grades - $1199
  • 9th - 12th Grades - $1373
The fees above include fieldwork fees (LS $538, MS $725, HS $898), transportation fee ($75), instructional support supply fee ($300), and technology fee ($100). 
Kindergarten Tuition for the year is $3,500 (billed September thru June), in addition to the annual student fees.
Financial Aid is available on a first come, first served basis until the funds are depleted.  The deadline for submitting a financial aid application is October 31st of each school year.  Click here to access the 2018-2019 Financial Aid policy and application.